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Exciting news

So....I'm going to start working in the kitchen of a new vegan restaurant opening up in a nearby town. I'm very excited and a bit overwhelmed I must say (this is an opportunity that's popped up only a couple of days ago and I had to hurry to catch it).

After seeing my BA in biology's intentions of becoming a zoologist hitting a hard wall of very few labs I can work in (most zoology labs here have cutting up animals or experimenting on them in their menu and I am NOT doing that) I've been having dreams of doing something about my love of cooking and my experiments with creating vegan recipies (I've posted some here from time to time lately). So far I haven't had the chance to actually do something this realistic about it so that's another reason why I'm both excited and overwhelmed.

Yes, I know working in a kitchen isn't immediate glory and running a restaurant or getting your own stuff into the menu but, to me, it's invaluable training I'll need to both gain experience in mass cooking and in what's it like to cook professionally. And it's a job I can be proud of in terms of my beliefs - I'll be helping to maintain an establishment of kind consumerism and nutrition.

Just out of curiosity, are there any professional vegan culinary schools out there in the world? Supposing all goes smoothly and I don't find the job too taxing and do want to become more professional in this job, do any of you know of places where I can study and train in purely vegan cooking?

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