i am now overlord of this community.

it seems to me that this community is no-longer for chit-chat. (as was it's original intention. it hasn't been chit-chatty for quite a while)

let's either get it back to chit-chat mode, or archive it completely. as it is, it seems rather pointless.

this community will no-longer be a place to simply crosspost something that you're also planning to post at vegancooking/veganpeople/veganism. nobody wants to have to scroll by a million posts on their feed. (exaggeration, of course, but only slightly) besides, if you're asking for advice, and you receive advice here from someone who is also in the larger communities, the people who don't watch this community will never see that person's response, and that's just a shame.

Poll #1636217 shall we archive?

archive? yes or no?

yes. it's really redundant.
no, i like the smaller 1,000 !!! member group. it's cozy.

either way, i am putting everyone on moderated submission. any post that is either crossposted or not chitchat will not be approved.

if you have something other than chit-chat to post, read the following:

looking for cooking advice? of course there's a specific community for that. we're vegans! vegancooking (read the guidelines on the info page, as that community is very structured. like a cookbook.) have just a photo and don't want to talk about how you made it, or maybe it's from a restaurant? yep. you got it, veganfoodpics

everything else: veganpeople or veganism (they both have very different vibes. veganism is made up mostly of the newer vegans, and veganpeople is made up mostly of the experienced vegans. there is also a stronger animal rights vibe to veganpeople if that's your thing.)

visit the information pages of vegpromo and vegantravel for gigantoid lists of all of the other vegan communities on livejournal. (vegantravel for a list of all regional communities, and promo for everything else.)

Help "Animal TV" , the Israeli show for animal rights!!!!!!!

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animal love

Exciting news

So....I'm going to start working in the kitchen of a new vegan restaurant opening up in a nearby town. I'm very excited and a bit overwhelmed I must say (this is an opportunity that's popped up only a couple of days ago and I had to hurry to catch it).

After seeing my BA in biology's intentions of becoming a zoologist hitting a hard wall of very few labs I can work in (most zoology labs here have cutting up animals or experimenting on them in their menu and I am NOT doing that) I've been having dreams of doing something about my love of cooking and my experiments with creating vegan recipies (I've posted some here from time to time lately). So far I haven't had the chance to actually do something this realistic about it so that's another reason why I'm both excited and overwhelmed.

Yes, I know working in a kitchen isn't immediate glory and running a restaurant or getting your own stuff into the menu but, to me, it's invaluable training I'll need to both gain experience in mass cooking and in what's it like to cook professionally. And it's a job I can be proud of in terms of my beliefs - I'll be helping to maintain an establishment of kind consumerism and nutrition.

Just out of curiosity, are there any professional vegan culinary schools out there in the world? Supposing all goes smoothly and I don't find the job too taxing and do want to become more professional in this job, do any of you know of places where I can study and train in purely vegan cooking?

Crossposted to veganpeople and veganism
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Vegan Wines.

Hey there everyone, I'm In the midst of planning a wedding and a few of my friends are vegan. Now I've been informed that not all wines are vegan and I'm having a bit of trouble sourcing what is and isn't. I'm also in Australia.

So if anyone could help me, that would be wonderful and a small weight off my shoulders with my already overworked brain.
Even if it's a few links, any help would be appreciated.

Blessed be .

MeatOut FTW!!

I'm so excited, tomorrow I'm going for my first ever meatout event (having a free-for-all vegan food market for passersby) after a solidarity march for animals in the farming industry. I've never been to these events before and I can't wait to see how many people would turn out and what cool food is going to be there.

My small donation to the meatout are these:


recipe is here/a>
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Vegan pride

I have an issue with this groups "bio"

There is either a spelling/grammar mistake, or I'm missing something. What I see right now is, "Please note, however, that not everyone is vegan for reals of morals or animal rights. So while animal rights posts are perfectly welcome and encouraged, please no flames for the non-activists!" I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it should read "for reasons of moral or animal rights.." If that is the case, I have a big problem with that. For the sake of clarity, I don't have a problem with asking people not to get mad at those who simply avoid eating meat, eggs, and dairy because they want to lose weight. What I have a problem with, is that the statement implies that you can be Vegan even if you aren't doing it for the animals... which is impossible.

It must not be very well known that the word "Vegan" hasn't been around since the dawn of the English language. It doesn't just mean "someone who doesn't eat meat, eggs, and dairy products". It isn't just a diet. There are very real motivations behind Veganism that aren't open to debate, or interpretation. This isn't a tarot reading, it's not a message from the Divine written in the clouds, it's not a creation from pop culture, it's not yet another fad diet created by Hollywood, nor an idea jotted down in some obscure poem.

Veganism is TIED to Animal Rights. You CAN'T be Vegan if you aren't also an Animal Rights activist. You are NOT Vegan if you only avoid eating meat, dairy, and eggs, especially if it's to lose weight, get healthy, or because you have some "eating disorder". In fact, if the Vegetarian Society had any courage, and more selflessness, there wouldn't have been a need to make the distinction between Vegan and Vegetarian!

The word VEGAN was created, that's right, CREATED by the Vegan Society in 1944. I believe it was specifically created by Donald Watson, one of the founders of, if not THE founder of the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society was, and still is, all about Animal Rights. Specifically, boycotting animal products, fur, leather, wool, silk, testing on animals, animal cruelty, etc. Veganism is a way of life that includes diet, but it is much more than that.

If this groups bio read "not everyone here is Vegan, so please be kind to them", that would make sense, and it would be a reasonable thing to ask. Of course, if the bio also added that "not all our Vegans are super activists, picketing at every corner, and signing every petition"; that would make sense too, and it would also be a reasonable thing to ask. I suppose I could have said that from the beginning, but like I wrote in the second paragraph: all this must not be very well known.

p.s.: I was trying to put most of this behind an LJ cut, but for what ever reason, it wouldn't let me. My apologies.


Misconception about veganism

I don't know about the situation in other countries of the world, but in my wee country, I often get responses from people that make it clear that people don't really know what being vegan means.

This week, I was having a food talk with some of the girls at work and when I said I don't eat something that has butter in it because I'm vegan one of them said "but butter is from nature". Another woman in my work also made that mistake once when she prepared a meal for everyone for her birthday and told me I can eat it because all she brought is organic.

On another occasion, I was at a bungalow for a weekend with a BF and the lady who ran it offered us a breakfast which included omletes and cheeses. When I said I won't have any due to being vegan, she said she has some herbs growing in the garden that leaked there from her neighbors' garden and she has no idea what they are, but I'm sure to know about "these things" and will know how to cook something from them.

One of my professors (!) in my university once mentioned vegans as people who won't take western medicines, but instead take only herbal and homeopathic stuff.

I'm thinking this misconception comes from the fact that in hebrew (I'm from Israel) the word for vegan is derived from the word nature so when people don't know what it means, they make assumptions.

This is a little worrying since, it means people aren't aware of the vegan option to life...hmmm....
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animal love

vegan rat food?

Hello all!

I'm just wondering if there are any vegan rat owners out there with experience in keeping their rats vegan. There's a diet mix recipe online but it has a vegeterian dog food brand in it, a brand we don't have in my country. Also, vegeterian dog food is very expensive for my student budget and I'm looking for alternatives.

Thank you!
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Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

So, my husband and I are not actually vegan...but we very often eat vegan because my husband doesn't handle dairy well, and we keep kosher, and kosher meat = the price of your first born.

Well, I have had a hankering for asian lettuce wraps, and I was thinking tempeh could make a good alternative for I'm wondering if anyone has a good recipe to try? We both very much love tempeh, and have tried many things from tempeh kababs on the grill to peanut satay. Now I want to try something new!

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

BBQ sauce. I love it, but this ever mysterious 'natural flavors' really gets to me. What about KC Masterpiece? Has anyone contacted them, is their answer even trustable?