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vegan rat food?

Hello all!

I'm just wondering if there are any vegan rat owners out there with experience in keeping their rats vegan. There's a diet mix recipe online but it has a vegeterian dog food brand in it, a brand we don't have in my country. Also, vegeterian dog food is very expensive for my student budget and I'm looking for alternatives.

Thank you!
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I was a vegan rat owner. I decided to not keep my rats as vegan because their bodies don't react well to it over time. My dog is vegan, but that's because her body can allow for it. Animals like cats, or rats, just need meat to live. This is coming from someone who has done a lot of research into this and has had lots of real-life education and experience with vegan animals of varying species.

If you are going to do this, though, I wouldn't skimp on better quality replacements.
I was sure that rats are omnivorous like us. What are the obligatory nutrients they need from meat?
Yep, they are omnivorous!

I like to feed mine a balanced mix of whatever I'm eating, that's leftover and healthy for them. I buy them rawhide dog treats to challenge their teeth and provide them the meat aspect of their diet. Using the rawhide (I believe) is a good idea, because it's using the leftover "cow scraps". I realize this is not "vegan" but I believe it is a good compromise.
Also, I like to treat my rats to chocolate, cheese and small bits of meat leftovers when it's in the house. They absolutely love it, and it's good for them to have the fat they need.
A friend of mine fed hers a few rat pellets but said that, since rats have the same dietary requirement as us. She'd often feed them leftovers.
i know this might soudn mad, but i think vegans, vegatrians,etc, shouldnt force there pets into anything.
i feed my dogs and cats meat because its what they would eat if they were in the wild,etc and its there natural diet.
Im a vegan cos i dont think people should eat animals
My two rats are doing really well on a vegan diet.
Having pets isn't natural to start out with, so I don't see any problem feeding them a vegan diet, as long as we can keep them happy and healthy.
I don't think it's vegan to decide that some animals (pets) are more important than other animals (the ones in the cans or bags). Just because they are ground up and you can't recognize them as animals anymore, doesn't make it any more excusable.
You can find more information about vegan pets on my website at this link:
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

My two albino baby rats are vegan, they eat lots of legumes though (canned chickpeas, peas, beans and lentils), dried corn (a bit), sunflower seeds, millet, barley, oats, raisins, cooked rice, pasta (cooked and raw), courgette, carrot, other veggies, parsley and coriander... They're very active and seem to get every new trick at once. The parsley and coriander also makes the box smell less and stay clean (I use clean rags and not other bedding and wash them with odourless soap to prevent allergies -one of them has allergies from the beginning because at the shop they had wood shavings bedding but she's improving-).