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vegan_talk's Journal

Vegan Talk
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
every post to this community will go through moderation. any post that is either crossposted or not chitchat will not be approved.

if you have something other than chit-chat to post, read the following:

looking for cooking advice? of course there's a specific community for that. we're vegans! vegancooking (read the guidelines on the info page, as that community is very structured. like a cookbook.) have just a photo and don't want to talk about how you made it, or maybe it's from a restaurant? yep. you got it, veganfoodpics

everything else: veganpeople or veganism (they both have very different vibes. veganism is made up mostly of the newer vegans, and veganpeople is made up mostly of the experienced vegans. there is also a stronger animal rights vibe to veganpeople if that's your thing.)

visit the information pages of vegpromo and vegantravel for gigantoid lists of all of the other vegan communities on livejournal. (vegantravel for a list of all regional communities, and promo for everything else.)